About the project

The popular science project “Guide-scientific.com” was launched in 2021. The main goal of the project is to popularize chemistry and awaken interest in this science among schoolchildren looking for themselves and students of other profiles.

We believe it is important to present basic science in the first place, shifting the focus from applied fields to it, as well as highlighting current theories, ideas, concepts, laws, and concepts in modern fields of knowledge.

Chemistry is one of those sciences that puzzle scientists literally every day, and many of the processes it describes seem to be something like magic. It’s a pleasure for chemists to solve these riddles! And we’re happy to teach you how to do it.

How to become our author?

We always welcome new authors. If you want to write for us, for example, scientific articles, pictures, videos, science news, or answer children’s questions, tell us about yourself and send samples of your texts.

Use of our materials

Guide-scientific.com materials may be reprinted with written permission of the editors. Write to us and we’ll probably make a deal.


Contact us with any questions at this link or by e-mail: info@guide-scientific.com

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