waterGeneral Knowledge
Water density at different temperatures
Water (common) is a substance described by the chemical formula H2O, the most abundant compound on earth, consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen
Singapore scientists create 'reusable' paper from plant pollenGeneral Knowledge
Singapore scientists create ‘reusable’ paper from plant pollen
Despite the ubiquity of computers and electronic document management, humanity still consumes colossal amounts of paper, which requires wood to make.
11 different types chemistryGeneral Knowledge
11 different types chemistry
Chemistry is a science that studies structure, composition, properties and other aspects of substances. Chemistry includes studying how certain substances
Is oil an exhaustible resourceGeneral Knowledge
Is oil an exhaustible resource?
Now there are two main hypotheses of the origin of oil: inorganic (abiogenic) and organic (sedimentary-migration). The inorganic theory posits that oil
What are satellites made ofGeneral Knowledge
What are satellites made of?
Satellites allow us to communicate with each other and carry out scientific research. First satellites were made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy.
Can water burnGeneral Knowledge
Can water burn?
Of course it can! As we all know, combustion can’t continue if oxygen isn’t available (O₂). It is important to note that combustion is a chemical
How has molecular modeling technology evolvedGeneral Knowledge
How has molecular modeling technology evolved?
About methods for studying chemical reactions, designing new materials and quantum chemistry Molecular modeling is used in two reference planes.